Remember that rock that decided to smack your windshield yesterday? can fix that.

The RockPro attaches to your car’s windshield, draws the air out from a chip, and applies our custom epoxy to fix your chip. It only takes 10 min. or less

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Anyone can use the RockPro

Meet our friend Stella, she is a rockstar. At only 4 years old she has successfully used the RockPro herself to fix those pesky windshield chips. With very little effort anyone is able to repair a windshield chip.

Features of the RockPro

Pro Tool

Professional-like quality DIY windshield chips and small cracks repair; no mixing required; repairs small chips within 10 minutes; prevents damage from spreading

Almost New

Restores windshield to near brand-new state, better used on bulls-eye, spider web, star damages, and some combination breaks

Two distinct formulas – hot and cold; Hot cartridges work better in 75o F (24o Celsius) or higher, and Cold cartridges work better in 75o F (24o Celsius) or under

Easy Handling

Load the RockPro, pull air, push resin, then let it dry and solidify in 1-2 mins under sunlight, scrape off the residual resin and you are back on the road.

RockPro Instructions

Using RockPro’s patented repair kit is quick and easy, no matter your experience level! Move your car out of the sunlight into your garage or a shaded area. Simply clean out the chip, assemble your RockPro unit, open your cartridge and insert into the RockPro device – ensuring it reaches the very bottom. Clean the suction cups and secure your RockPro device to the window over the pit until your RockPro device is resting on the glass; once your device is touching the glass give it one more quarter of a turn ensuring a good seal and a snug fit. Turn the auger screw upwards – counter clockwise – three quarters of the way up and let it set for about 2-3 minutes until the chip is clear; repeat this process as needed until the chip is mostly clear. Once the chips is clear, push down on the plunger ensuring it goes all the way down. Then, turn the auger screw downwards – CLOCKWISE – and let the device set for another 2-3 minutes or until the chip is as clear as you can get it.

Once you’re done working on the chip, park your car in direct sunlight to cure the resin, about 2-3 minutes. Once the resin is cured, gently push your RockPro device out of the way, put one drop of pit filler on pit and cover it with a plastic tab (provided); let this set for another 2-3 minutes. Finally, remove the tab, scratch off your excess pit filler with a razor, clean your windshield with glass cleaner and a clean rag, and enjoy your newly repaired, chip-free windshield!

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