Commercial RockPro Kit


The one of a kind and upgraded Commercial version of the RockPro Kit.



RockPro’s Windshield Commercial Repair Kit is designed to provide you with the necessary tools to repair small damages in laminated automotive glass windshields. The front and back windshields are double-layered laminated glass, so if the crack is not large, now you can repair it by yourself and enjoy the rest of your trip without worries. This unit is for commercial applications with exclusive add-ons such as the Corner Adapter which allows the ease of clearing up those pesky chips in the hard to reach corners. It also comes with an adapter with a wider mouth to repair larger damages.

Pro’s Tips:

  1. Surfaces must be clean and dry to make a proper repair
  2. Repair should be done in the shaded area with the windshield temperature between 50°F and 75°F
  3. Pure scratches, small dots without evident cracks are NOT suitable for this window chip repair kit
  4. Do not allow the resin to come into contact with the car’s painted finish, wiper blades or plastic trim as this may cause damage
  5. Read the detailed repair steps introduction before operating


Package includes:

1 Complete Injector with Stand

Commercial Unit Exclusive – Corner Adapter

10 Cartridges (5 + 5)

2 Push Pins

2 Razor Blades

1 Pit Filler

10 Cleanser Pads

10 Laminates


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